Nine Inch Blue Coral Bowl




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Our nine inch in diameter by three and a half inch tall coral bowl is definitely a show stopper.  Whether it is seen in person or on display, it has the power to stop people in their tracks to take a closer look!  The beauty of this style bowl is hidden in knowing that no two are the same!  Each bowl branches out towards different directions, connecting some arms to others, while leaving a few arms standing proudly towards their own way.  Talk about personality!

Coral bowls are perfect for decoration or in use as a bowl for things that aren’t too heavy- this is glass, after all!  A few apples and bananas should do the artistic trick!  Decorative balls or faux fruit may also help the bowl to stand out from your counter-top.

Keep at a distance from heat sources to avoid stress cracking (aka not a good idea having this on a stove).


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Weight 9 oz


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