Strips of colorful glass placed intentionally close, heated drastically, and fused within the depth of the kiln over time.  The colors seem to flow together, creating holes that also strengthen the piece as it cools.


The Ashley Cascade has been named after a modest woman who has been immensely involved in how I have grown as a person since my childhood.  I have heard stories of her struggle through early motherhood, witnessed her discovering a passion for self love, blossomed a growing independence, felt her passion of loving others, inspired by the never-ending journey of overcoming and creating the best version of ourselves- no matter what your season of life you are living.

I have watched Ashley balance family, work, yoga, her desire to write, a strangely phenomenal housekeeping, her mental health growth, and her passion for helping all lined in up in one day’s time.  I have seen her triumphs and tribulations build a depth of moments in her week.  All of these stresses and accomplishments shaped and blended her, growing a strength that no other could compare.  I can see the similarity between the Ashley Cascade and the woman they are named after.  All layered in a day’s work, all strengthened through discomfort, all absolutely beautiful, and no two days or works are exactly the same.


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