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Where does your heart take you?

January 20, 2021 By BarnhartGlassArt

If this pandemic taught us anything, I hope it was to slow down and be grateful for the lives we have.  I will not claim that we all had it easy- I have shed more tears by our “inconveniences” than I’d like to admit.  In hindsight, I was able to see how much my family […]

The Week of Sunshine

June 9, 2020 By BarnhartGlassArt

The weather has been gorgeous this week.  We practically spend from breakfast to dinner outside.  I have taken a few days from my overwhelming to-do list and only focused on the orders that came in.  Since last Tuesday, I have made 15 garden stakes!  I love that so many people are making time to create their […]

Homemade Copycat Zatarans Jambalaya Recipe

April 23, 2020 By BarnhartGlassArt

Okay, before you ask, I will ask for you. “What does a Copycat Zatarans Jambalaya recipe have to do with a fused glass artist?” Well, like you, I need to eat to live. I also happen to have a bunch of kids at home. And maybe you are looking in your pantry during this quarantine […]

Outside of my Comfort Zone

April 15, 2020 By BarnhartGlassArt

This season of life is bringing out the best and worst in me. My brain seems to be at war with itself, and my heart is begging my brain to just calm down. I’m tired, anxious, irritable, snappy, uncomfortable. My I-can-get-through-this attitude has turned into a repeating “We will never get though this. Every day […]

My Secret Recipe – Nat’l Banana Bread Day

February 23, 2020 By BarnhartGlassArt

Oh, my goodness. I love when the National Calendar has my comfort items. Today features one of the first recipes I ever perfected…. National Banana Bread Day. Get ready now, this isn’t your Grandma’s recipe! I am all about that warm, moist loaf that has a sweet crust at the top and a crunch to […]

National Bread Day!

November 17, 2019 By BarnhartGlassArt

Need excuses to celebrate? I love to take a peek at the week ahead to see what National Celebration days are coming my way. It gives me a way to celebrate with my kids and spice up the quality time we spend together. Today is National Bread Day! I woke up before the kids and […]

What are you working on?

November 12, 2019 By BarnhartGlassArt

As a Creative, I love seeing what other people are working on in their own creative comforts. I love seeing sketches, photography, the latest meal they plated, the cute kids running in matching clothes, all of it! So… tell me what you are working on! I have been gearing up towards our DIY Holiday Ornament […]

Let Me Take A Moment to Say…

April 18, 2017 By BarnhartGlassArt

Let me take a moment to say that 15 MILLION babies are born prematurely each year around the world and 1 MILLION will die.  The hospital cost for a premature baby is easily $50 thousand more than a healthy baby.  My home state, South Carolina*, has a 11.1% preterm birth rate.  And lastly, -I- was a […]

Fused Glass Friday! Recycled Glass

February 3, 2017 By BarnhartGlassArt

If you have ever discovered a new passion, you may remember diving into it with all that you had, possibly until there were holes in your pockets and a warehouse full of goods in your living room. No?  Okay, well that’s exactly what I did. Fused glass has been such a treat to my life […]

Fused Glass Friday! Ball Frit

January 27, 2017 By BarnhartGlassArt

On my new adventure of diving deeper into my craft, I was anxious to start making ball frit.  Frit is a accessory glass that can be used for small details and textures.  These chunks of glass, when given enough space, will curve it’s edges becoming a ball.  I was excited to start a ball frit […]