The Week of Sunshine

The weather has been gorgeous this week.  We practically spend from breakfast to dinner outside.  I have taken a few days from my overwhelming to-do list and only focused on the orders that came in.  Since last Tuesday, I have made 15 garden stakes!  I love that so many people are making time to create their gardens this year.  It makes me reminisce on all of our previous plots.

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The first year we made a garden, we recycled a plastic pool. It became very crowded, but produced a ton of food.  It was Little’s first garden, and my first one with a significant other.  It quickly provided a sense of family and connection to the Earth.

The next year, we made a huge plot.  It was four sections of ten by ten feet. It was such a joy to have Little in the garden with us that year.  She understood better than the year before, and loved to pick tomatoes from the vine. I really feel like it taught Little to be our least picky eater.  We kept this layout for a few years and it was AWESOME.

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This year, we dug rows as needed. We have eggplant, squash, zucchini, kale, spinach, potatoes, red peppers, four types of tomatoes, two types of green beans, cantaloupe, and watermelon.  Oh, and four mystery plants that invaded rows but we decided to keep.

What do you have growing?  Know what I really need?  Tips on how to keep away little bugs.  Our marigolds that we planted from seed haven’t grown at all and that was the only protection for pests we planned.

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