Medium Amber Draped Glass Candle Votive, Succulent Pot, Jewelry or Candy Dish

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Originally created with the intention of being a candle holder, the uses for our kiln formed glass are endless! May be used as a colorful home for your succulents, a vase (with the help of floral foam), a candy dish, an added burst of color to your decor, or a safe place for your small items such as jewelry or keys.

Each drape is unique in it’s own pattern. No two will ever be identical!

Should you choose to use the drape as a candle votive, a two inch candle (not included) fits comfortably.

Our Medium Amber Drape measures four inches tall at the peaks, four inches wide, and 2.5 inches across the base.

Although our glass was polished in the kiln, edges may seems sharp with rough handling.


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