Let me take a moment to say that 15 MILLION babies are born prematurely each year around the world and 1 MILLION will die.  The hospital cost for a premature baby is easily $50 thousand more than a healthy baby.  My home state, South Carolina*, has a 11.1% preterm birth rate.  And lastly, -I- was a […]

If you have ever discovered a new passion, you may remember diving into it with all that you had, possibly until there were holes in your pockets and a warehouse full of goods in your living room. No?  Okay, well that’s exactly what I did. Fused glass has been such a treat to my life […]

On my new adventure of diving deeper into my craft, I was anxious to start making ball frit.  Frit is a accessory glass that can be used for small details and textures.  These chunks of glass, when given enough space, will curve it’s edges becoming a ball.  I was excited to start a ball frit […]

This new year has offered many opportunities to learn new techniques. My amazingly supportive fiance gifted me a much needed kiln for my birthday/Christmas and I will not take it for granted! I have been stuck on knowing only two ways to fuse glass- tact and full, bumpy or smooth. My eyes stay wide in […]

Y’all, this post isn’t meant to be negative. It is meant to be real and honest. I have been broken and rebuilt by my business and this is my moment of acceptance. This year took me on a roller coaster of uplifting lessons and crippling failure. I started 2016 with a new business name and […]

Many of you know my story of how I came to find fused glass. For those who dont, I’ll give you a quick fill-in. Six years ago, I was fighting my hardest fight in a bout of depression. I was struggling to get out of bed and often missing days of work, making life an […]

Happy September! When I think of “new” and “growth”, I usually think of spring flowers, happy sun and crisp air. After a humid summer of markets and trial runs, I predict fall being an opportunity for cozy, intimate group opportunities for pumpkin spice drinks and art in a class setting. It gives Barnhart Glass Art […]

I was honored to be part of the Moncks Corner Street Dance and Festival this past weekend. Barnhart Glass Art was one of nearly 30 vendors to offer the town a celebration of the United States 240th year of independence. I brought out my DIY tables, glass and canvas painting, and it was a hit! […]

I woke up this morning and did my usual routine- scrolled aimlessly through Facebook, sipping coffee, waiting for some of the words I see to register and make sense. Before I knew it, I realized a post about the Moncks Corner Farmer’s Market was shared a few times by friends. I clicked on the link […]

I am pleased to say that my trial of bringing a DIY table to markets has proven to be a great interest in the community!  I am so happy to be able to share my craft with children and adults, watching people take a moment out of their day to create something long lasting with […]