Meet The Artist

I am a mother to two, stepmom to three.  I spend a lot of time barefoot in the garden listening to our chickens chatter.

When I am not in the yard or my glass studio, I play tourist throughout the small businesses that pepper beautiful Charleston.

Oh, did you want my glass story?

After the seemingly long and grey winter of 2010, I found myself diving into all the gatherings my community had to offer. I enjoyed plenty of live music, festivals, new found coffee shops, and countless yoga classes before I found a fused glass workshop. In the workshop, I learned the basics of cutting and grinding, layering and fusing. I found my niche! I have since invested in a large variety of bandages, but I found something to keep my hands busy and my heart happy. Six years and two business name changes later, I am still excited about creating melted pieces of art for all to enjoy.  I pride myself in supporting my community through farmer's markets and indoor events. I'd love to grow my fan base and offer classes to make your own creative art.  Until then, make sure to check out my calendar to see what upcoming events I will be attending!

-Angel Barnhart, Owner of Barnhart Glass Art